michael c. wipperman wichita, ks september 5th 1992

by jenny linn oswald
(overland park ks johnson)

my uncle was driving home from work in the evening of sept 5th 1992 in wichita ks. when two woman out having a good time behind the wheel drinking while driving decided instead of staying at home or calling for a cab decided to take fate of others on the road that nite. and the fate those woman took was that of my uncle, he was on the road heading home on his harley motorcycle when he did not see the woman driving decided not to stop and plow into my uncle drunk.knocking him from his motorcycle to the pavement (wearing a helment) and instantly killing my uncle. although he was wearing his helment she hit hit him hard enough to where his helment had a large gaping crack down the back.the woman in the car alive, but when police arrive to find the woman had beer cans and sort all over the car.my message to you that think drinking and driving is ok and think that not 1 beer or drink can affect your driving. you are all to wrong. as to this i lost a love one that o will never see again and now i have kids the will never meet there great uncle.the two woman got life and my uncle did not get enjoy his life past the age of 36 years old. think next time and for you that like to drink and drive do not deserve to be behind the wheel and should not be able to enjoy life. just think it could be someone you love.stay the hell off the road or get a cab

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