Michael F. Spurlock, Phila., PA February 7, 1999

by Lisa Varalli, Mother
(Philadelphia, PA USA)



On the morning of Feb 7th my son asked his friend to drive him home from work. This "friend" was drunk and drugged up but Michael went with him. His "friend" was driving over 117mph when he lost control and crashed into a utility pole pinning my Michael in the car. The worst part is that Michael's "friend" fled the scene without ever putting a call to 911 for help. At approximately drivers by seen the car and noticed someone in there. They placed the call for help. That was about 5:00am. This "friend" lived across the street from me he never notified me, no one. This is were I have a hard time. Who knows if my son would have lived had his "friend" placed a 911 call.

His "friend" was identified at another hospital and eventually arrested. He served 6 years 1 week in jail. Am I angry, yes. For Michael's "Friend" that 6 years was a mere interuption in his life, my son was robbed of his life.
Drunk Driving crashes are not ACCIDENTS they are CRASHES because its a choice made by drunk drivers. I will never see my beautiful son again but I will fight the fight to stop DRUNK DRIVING!

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