Michael J mitchell Carleton Place Ontario Canada

by Joseph Doe
(Smiths Falls ontario)

My name is Joe and in early 1992 I lost my best friend to a car accident caused by a drunk driver not only did the accident take my best friend it also took his father tom and his grandfather 3 generations lost because some young man didnt have the decency to call a cab or use some other method of transportation instead he got behind the wheel and killed 2 good men and a very special little boy and because of his stupid decision my friends family and friends were left with a hole in there hearts that can never be filled and i can say this personally because I am turning 29 years old this july and just writing this and thinking about the friend I lost is still too much to bear and the pain is still just as fresh and painfull as the day i sat on my mothers knee at the age of 9 and listened to the news as they broke the news that my friend would never again be the only one to show up to my birthday party or be there when I ran across the yards that separated my grandparents home from his and we would never again argue over who would be the red guy and who would be the blue guy on our favorite nintendo game in that moment my world was forever changed and no day has gone by since that i didnt think i wish mike was here to see this or talk me through something and when my children were born it was especially hard because instead of mikey being there to congradulate me i had to take a picture of my babies and place it on his grave stone i really dont know how to stress how deeply losing my best friend so needlessly has hurt me but to say it feels like a piece of by heart and soul died with him and i hope my story will help at least one person make the smart choice and make other arrangements if they have had a drink because even one is too much PLEASE THINK IF YOU DRINK DONT DRIVE STAY ALIVE because it may not just be your life you destroy

sincerly Joseph Doe

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