Michael Paul Burney, Newport News VA.,September 29 1994

by Annie Burney
(Newport News,VA, USA)

Okay.. Here goes...My baby brother was one of the good ones!! It was a Beautiful fall day...Unseasonably a good day...It all happened so fast...They went to the store..They always move at a crosswalk..But that day was different Don't ask why but it just was..My baby brother seen it then he went to my Mommie and said mom...hmmm...Mommie i think Michael is dead...After that it kinda spread like wild fire...Just all outta control...Everything was a blur....That night i lost a big part of my Mommie and my daddy...And all through court and all that was going on not once did we get an apology...Even the day of court I wasn't even 2 feet from him An he just looked down....Have you ..I do not hate him by no means..But have just a little bit of guilt to say at least that you are sorry...I am sorry but that's all that i can say right now...No i do not hate you!!!..I hate apart of you that can just live everyday and not feel bad...I know that God would want me to let it go....But damn...You at least owe me that..I have to see you everyday...What would you do if was your own?????

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