Michael Singer,Glendive, Montana. June-16-2011

by Rosa
(Glendive Montana )

Michael worked with oil rigs and loved roughnecking. He was a hard worker. He had just turned 21 on 5-12 we live in a small town in Montana and it's sad to say there is alot of young people who drink it up every weekend. Michael was in Williston ND when the terrible accident happened he was on a 7days on w/7 days off crew he was on his 3rd night of work him and some other kid who was older than him went to town to get some food and had a few drinks he did not know the driver had been in trouble be for for DUI and other drinking problems my son trusted him to get him back safe he even had his seatbelt on Which I always instilled in him but when I wasnt around he someone's wouldn't where it which makes me think he was afraid of the way the other kid was driving the weather was good and the road had two lanes both ways there was no reason to crash unless the driver was showing off he was driving to fast lost control and flipped the car twice all the impact was on the passenger in front. My son broke his neck CPR was done at the scene and revived him he died 3 times he had so much head trauma that he never woke up he was brain dead they kept him alive for 3 days while they matched him w/ people that needed parts of him so they could continue to live and we figured we didn't want his death to be nothing why not save some lives and be a hero. The driver had nothing wrong he walked away. I am so angry I'd like to forgive the driver but I can't he gave us a life sentence of living without my sweet Michael he was a great son, brother, uncle and friend how do you go on I cry everyday my daughter dropped outa Pre med to be closer to us everything is so different I'm like floating through a fog I want my son back so bad he called me everyday just to tell me he loved me. I miss him :***(

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Sep 22, 2013
Drunk drivers
by: Anonymous

What kind of sick person would not feel remorseful for this? If I was that driver, I would never forgive myself. I'd walk through life every day with a heavy weight on my shoulders. He shouldn't have been drinking and driving and I hope he got some serious justice for his actions. He took a life that can never be undone.

Oct 05, 2011
sorry for your loss
by: monique williams

Im sorry for your loss, so tragic and senseless, I understand being angry and not being able to forgive, my brother was killed by a drunk also 2 years ago and I will never forgive her and hate her, fortunately she died also or I would've been even more mad, so that is even more worse for you. take care

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