Mikeal "Butterbean " Hodges

by Ramona
(Brunswick, Ga)

On Jan 21 2008 my sons best friend left my home on a bike to go get clothes and come back to our house. Another child I had custody of at the time was with him. He never made it. A little over a mile from my house, a car crossed two lanes of traffic and struck Mikeal in the grass median. He died almost instantly. The impact threw him about 50 ft and broke almost every bone in this young mans body from his neck to his hips. The man driving the car, was drunk. This was his 3rd hit an run. He left the scene of the accident and lied when the police found the car. To make this even more traumatic, two more juveniles are scarred as a result. My biological son and the young man that was living here held on to their friend as he lay dying in their arms. I watched these two kids put put on their Dress Blues ROTC and bury their friend. My two boys were 17 yrs old. Mikeak died at 18. He should have graduated in June. And now it looks like Glynn County Ga is going to give the driver a slap on the wrist for taking the life of this wonderful child. ( A plea bargain )

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