My daughter Holly Rogers, 20, was killed 11/11/07 by a DD in Tuscaloosa AL. He was not only drunk, he was an illegal immigrant with 3 prior DUI's, 1 leaving scene of an accident, one charge "gave false name", yet had not spent any time for these charges. When he killed our Holly, his BAC was 0.26, he had driven all the way through our town ,on the one major four lane, on the WRONG SIDE, running three other people off the road, and finally hitting Holly headon, with no headlights, and going at approx. 90 mph. She(by the Grace of God), was killed instantly. Believe it or not, it is a "true God work", she looked beautiful and had an open casket. He on the other hand, broke 17 facial bones, (I didn't know there were that many), was on a vent. for 3 weeks (at our cost!), had several reconstructive surgeries, even to repair some esophageal damage, went to rehab for a month, and had OVER 2000 pages of medical records, we as taxpayers will pay. He lost one eye, and is "legally blind" in the other, and is somewhat scarred and different than he looked before the accident. He was arrested in 11/07, and stayed there for over 2 1/2 years on a MURDER charge, until he pled guilty finally on our court date 4/10.
We finally had our chance to be heard, July 12th, 2010 at his sentencing hearing. Holly's aunt, myself(her mom) and her dad, gave Victims Impact Statements, which
did in some way give us a tidbit of justice. ARE YOU READY? he was "SENTENCED" AND I USE THAT WORD LOOSELY, BECAUSE IT MEANS NOTHING, to twenty years. But, we left that day with the final sentence of probation, 5 years to serve, 2 1/2 he has already served, and then deportation, which in his case, is probably best, since he cannot really support himself, and will need family. FIVE years for what ALABAMA is so proud to call "MURDER", I guess our legislators, thought we were so stupid, if we heard "murder" in these cases, we wouldn't pay attention to the rest.
So, this guy, MURDERED my precious Holly, recklessly, selfishly,and viciously, and will go home to his family in 2 1/2 years or less! Holly isn't coming home, no matter how hard we plead with God, or the DA, no matter how empty and painful our days are, no matter what a huge void she left, she was only worth a few years to our lawmakers! We of course, know she was priceless and is still with us, and her legacy and memory is forever! God Bless all of you who have lost loved ones to this thoughtless, violent act. My heart aches for you. As for justice, well, ...not here on earth maybe. Not for our baby girl! I pray at least some of you felt justice was served, even tho your hearts break! We have got to unite, and not stop shouting! Especially in Alabama, which is one of three states with no use of Interlock Ignition, and pathetic sentencing guidelines.
On a happy note, God blessed us with a beautiful, joyful loving laughing daughter for 20 years, some people didn't have their children 20. I am so sorry for your loss, all of you.

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