Motorcyclist hit by drunk driver

Late Monday night A University of Houston student was legally drunk when she veered into a path of a motorcyclist (Taniesha Mundle) on Beltway 8 Injuring herself, 2 others and killing one. Police are trying to find out who provided the underage girls the alcohol authorities said last night. So far the investigation of the October 17th crash near Beltway 8 revealed that the driver, Jessica D Hearrean, 19, had a blood-alcohol content about the 02 legal limit for someone under 21 and that she tested positive for Marijuana, police said. They declined to say whether any of the two passengers, including 16- year old Sarah Townsend who survived had been drinking or using drugs.

Police also said they discovered 2 open bottles of Barcardi 151and a gallon of Everclear with about half of it gone, and a six-pack of beer in the white Dodge Caliber which was upside down. Reaction from family members of the victim ranged from resignation to anger last night.

The crash occurred as the Caliber headed west on the Beltway's inner loop, in the middle lane of five, toward the Springfield interchange, police said. At 10:40 p.m., the car passed the exit, in the two left lanes, for southbound 59 South, then cut left across the striped pavement back toward the exit ramp. In the right lane of the ramp, the Caliber smashed into the motorcycle ejecting Taniesha off of the bike and demolishing it. It could not be determined whether the other two passengers had seat belts on because the damage was so servere.

Don Martin executive director of Parents Against Drunk Driving's chapter called the crash "a terrible tragedy" but said the test results reinforced that parents and schools should have a "zero tolerance" policy toward young people drinking at all, much less getting behind the wheel.

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Oct 20, 2011
tragic loss
by: monique williams

such a tragic loss, and so preventable. when are people going to learn not to drink and drive, it's reckless, stupid and selfish. My brother was also killed by a d d 2 yrs ago. she was a 2 time offender. he was only 34 years old, with 3 young kids, a family and many friends who loved him. It has been a devastating loss to all of us.

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