My 1st husband, my friend, my soulmate

by Doris Potter/Dandrea
(Melbourne, Fla.)

My first husband Ray was killed by a drunk driver on February 13,1994.He was a passenger in the vehicle.There was 2 vehicles involved in the crash. The driver of the vehicle that my husband was in is the one that caused the crash, to this day I ask myself why Ray got in the vehicle ( Ray was sober ), I always come up with the same answer, he was a very trusting person, and that trust cost him his life.The driver of the other vehicle died instantly. My husband died on the operating table, the driver that caused the crash was a friend of ours, he of course wasn,t injured (he was intoxicated). He was sentenced to 19 yrs. in prison, he only served 11 of those yrs.He was released from prison in December of 2005, and not even 6 months later he was arrested on 4 new charges, one of them being another DUI, he is currently back in prison and wont get out until the year 2024. I currently speak at the Florida Safety Council,about the Dangers & Consequences of Drinking & Driving and talk about what took place the night my husband died. I have been doing public speeches about this tho since 1995, and will continue to do so for as long as it takes . It,s going to be 20 yrs. this coming February 13,2014 since I lost Ray, the pain has gotten easier down thru the yrs, but it will never go away for me or the children that Ray & I had together. I miss Ray dearly.

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