My beloved son, Stephen Lucas Tyler, 19, Norman, Oklahoma, June 28, 2009

by Catherine Tyler
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Stephen Lucas Tyler

Stephen Lucas Tyler

Stephen Lucas Tyler
Beautiful son
Stephen loved his country
Rest in peace beloved son

My beloved son, Stephen and his girlfriend were killed just past midnight June 28th, 2009. Stephen had just asked his girlfriend to marry him hours earlier. He had just joined the Army and was due to report on July 27, 2009.

Stephen had taken his girlfriend to the hospital that evening to visit a friend in the ER. As they were leaving, a friend of his girlfriend pulled up in a sports car driven by a young man. Stephen had already put his ID and wallet in his truck and was ready to leave, when his girlfriend was persuaded to get into the sports car. Stephen begged her that he needed to take her home so that her mother wouldn't worry. She got into the car, so he got in to be with her.

Neither one knew the driver or knew that the driver had been at a party earlier. The driver pealed out of the parking lot and drove 120 miles an hour down the road into a tree.

They were pronounced dead at 12:19 a.m.

The driver never stopped. Stephen had no chance to get out of the car. He and his girlfriend were at the merciless hands of a drunk driver!

The car split in half between the front and back seats of the Dodge Avenger. Stephen and his girlfriend were slammed face first into a tree while wearing their seat-belts! The rear of the car pinned against a tree and was photographed by a news reporter. I screamed at the photo on the front page of the newspaper, knowing my boy was still inside when it was taken!

Stephens' wallet was still in the truck along with his ID and his girlfriend's purse. They had not intended to go very far from his truck. Stephen and his girlfriend lay at the morgue unidentified!

The drunk driver died on the way to the hospital. The young woman who invited Stephens' girlfriend to check out the car was the sole survivor.

The Detective said that Stephen was a good person, in the wrong place at the wrong time. His young and beautiful girlfriend was only 17. They had gone to the hospital to check on a friend. They were innocent.

Please, Never get into a vehicle with someone you do not know...not even to drive around the block.

Please, Never allow someone who has been drinking to drive...take away the keys, call the Police.

Please, Please Never Drink and Drive. Get a cab, have a designated driver, call your family or a friend, walk!

I will grieve every day the rest of my life! I miss my son! This was not suppose to happen! Stephen was a good son; he was an Eagle Scout; he loved helping people; he wanted to protect his country from terrorists; he loved his family; he loved the Lord...He now is with our Lord. That is my only comfort! I miss you Stephen! Your family loves and misses you very much.

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Apr 06, 2011
Sharing Hope
by: Barb

I grieve for your loss, but share the wonderful hope & promise that one day you will BE with your beloved Stephen again in the Lord's presence. That and memories are what we have now; plus you must know that you were a wonderful mother to your boy. He knew God through you!

Well-written and well-done, my friend.
With Love,
B ~~

Apr 03, 2011
Who it affects!
by: Anonymous

In addition to the loss of the youth, the pain continues to linger within the families of these victims.

The pain, grief, and loss stretch far beyond the immediate family affecting all the friends who are close to them also have to deal with the aftermath anguish of drunk driving with them - which lasts a lifetime!

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