My Best Friend, The Love of my Life-->>Gustavo Cordoba, Miami, Florida ; 10.28.2002

by Tiffany Sanchez
(Miami, Florida USA)

He was the peanut to my butter. The froot to my loop. The honey to my nut...17 year old Gustavo Cordoba was a very intelligent, education and family oriented young man. He was in his last year of high school, grabbing the world by storm and ready to live. On August 26th 2002, Gustavo experienced the best feeling God could ever give one to feel. He was going to be a father. Then came the night of October 28th 2002. Gustavo called his girlfriend, Tiffany, at 8:36pm to let her know, he was hanging out with a few friends and that he would be home before she fell asleep. She fell asleep and woke up to a phone call at 11:12pm from a mutual friend, Jenny.

Jenny: Crying hysterically
"Tiffany, are you sitting down?"

"Jenny, why are you crying?"

"Are you sitting down?!"

"I'm in bed, what happened?"

"Oh my God! Gus was in a bad accident"

"What hospital is he going to?"

"I'm going to pick you, we'll go together"

So aroung 11:30, Jenny, arrived to pick Tiffany up and they made their way to the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, Florida.

As i walked into the lobby at the trauma center, I could feel the sadness in the air. His brother could not even look me in the eyes. Everyone was just drowning in pain. And when I asked to see my boyfriend, the nurse sat me down and began to apologize to me for my loss. That night, a part of me died too.

The accident was caused by this old drunken lady who had Gus in her blind spot. As she switched lanes, she did not see him. And in an effort to avoid her hitting him, in his mothers mercedes, he swerved and hit a tree truck at 55mph. He died instantly. Gustavo lives in his son, who by every means is exactly like his father. Smart, outgoing and full of life. I have no pictures of Gustavo, except in my memory.

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>Gustavo Cordoba, Miami, Florida ; 10.28.2002 -->

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Oct 27, 2012
so sad NEW
by: Gena

I really feel your pain. The love of my life, and best friend, also passed away and i was left with a son to raise on my own. I see his daddy in him, in everything he does. I miss and love him so much, but i know that we will reunite some day in heaven, and then we can be a family again. God bless you and your son.

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