My boyfriend Logan, october 23rd 1994-2009

by andy

he and i were having a great time. we were at a party and nothing could bring us down. Logan felt that he could drive us home because it was only 6 blocks away. and i believed him. i had a gut feeling things were not going to be okay, but i didn't let that stop us. i mean we needed to get home before our parents found out. unfortunately our parents did find out, but not the way they should have. they were called to the hospital to find Logan and i on life support. all i remember about the accident is that we had the music blasted and a glimpse of a large truck coming straight at us. Logan had run a red light going 58 mph on a busy intersection. i was in a coma for 4 weeks before i had finally woken up. i woke up with my whole volleyball team around me. at that moment i knew i would never be out on that court again. although i went through alot of trouble. i will never forgive myself for Logans death. he died on november 14th 2009. aka my birthday

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