my brother and best friend

Jesse was my brother and best friend in life. I loved him more than I could ever put into words. We talked constantly, we wrote emails about everything and about nothing. I love him more than anything else.

He tried to drive home from a party after having way too much to drink. I'd like to have someone or something to blame for what happened, but there is nobody. He was drunk and made a bad decision. If you can even call it a "decision", really it was just a drunken action.

He was by himself and nobody else was hurt. But he didn't make it. He lost control of the vehicle and flipped it a few times, and he died at the scene.

Someday I hope to meet him and hug him and talk to him again but until then- I hope someday that it sinks in that when drinking goes to such levels, driving is never an option.

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