My brother Thai WIlliams Hillsboro, OR August 20, 2009

by monique
(Portland, OR)

My brother Thai was driving home from his job on August 20, 2009 when he was struck head on by a car coming the other way out of control and going 75 miles an hour. The crash knocked my brother's car into the ravine and his car was on fire. 3 Good Samaritans ran to his aid to help him. They pulled him out of the car and performed CPR on him until emergency vehicles arrived. My brother couldn't be saved and was pronounced dead on the scene. The other driver(drunk)

died also in the crash. She had an Alcohol-blood level of .18-more than twice the legal limit. My brother was loved by many including his family. He was a father and had three young kids(Caitlin, Jon and Andrea) He was a wonderful, caring, sensitive, compassionate, gentle, loyal, smart, hard-working good person, who is missed by his family and all his friends

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Feb 14, 2012
loss of my brother NEW
by: monique williams

I hope the devastating loss of my brother isnt in vain and people who read this memorial are touched by it and think twice before they drink/drugs and drive because it does destroy many lives and is preventable

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