My brother's death has the power to save lives.

by Kathy

My heart goes out to all victims of drunk-driving fatalities and injuries. So many people are affected by a person's choice to drink and drive. I lost of oldest brother wasn killed in a drunk driving crash that involved 5 cars, and resulted in 2 deaths and permanent injuries for others.

He was a beautiful, kind, joyfull person who loved life and people. His death came just 11 months after my Mom died of cancer, so it was especially heartbreaking for my large family of 9 boys and 2 girls. For years I did not want to think about his death, but 6 years ago, I got involved with Madd Mn, and I have been able to make something good become of something so horrible as my brother's death. I am a speaker for the Madd Victim Impact Panel program, and, though the grief from losing someone this way, can be complicated because of its senseless nature, I have found healing by telling the story about my brother, and how his death affected my family to schools, victim impact panel speaker's bureau all over the metro area.

When someone comes up to me after I have related my brother's story, and says that they will never drink and drive again because now they realize how many people's lives they put at risk when they drive drunk, I feel a sense of hope that though my brother is no longer here in this world, he is still helping people to realize how much they are loved. His death now has the power to save lives.

I urge anyone that needs help and support because someone they loved was killed or injured in a drunk driving crash to call Madd. They have victim advocates specially trained to help families deal with the chaos that comes into a family's life after the death or injury of a loved one resulting from a senseless, avoidable, totally preventable drunk driving crash.
Madd services are free.

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Aug 14, 2014
Sorry for your loss NEW
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss. I to have lost a family memeber. But I will not recommend MADD. They only thing they have wanted from me is money. Donate her, join for only 300$, raise money. I am supporting two families who lost their main fanicial support when the fathers/husband were killed by Drunks. The last thing I need to be is hit up by someone for more money. MADD was all hot to have me speak and tell my story until I said I could not donate on the several times they have asked. But when I could not pony up any money, the quit calling. NEver got to share my story.

Dec 30, 2012
god bless you
by: nicole

I'm so very sorry for your loss. M@y god he@l your broken heart. You r in my prayers. Stay strong nd god bless you n your family

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