my dear friend heart will burn forever in guilt.

by chris
(Houston Texas)

In loving memory of JARED OTTO FORREST SEE,born august9,1979 to september18, 1992
thats what his obit reads.And it keeps playing over and over in my head
that dredfull night filled of nightmaresh memories. Jared was a son a brother a cousin not to mention many other great things to many loving people. He also happened to be my childhood friend the kind of friend words can never explain
and no matter how hard I try nothing can come to mind to compare with words
the type of great person he was and still is in my heart.I loved him like a brother and when he died so did my heart and my soul along with the rest of my life. I am now 35 years old, it's been 17 years since he died and not a single day has passed that i dont think of him. And i cry and i've been so depressed for so many years now. Jared was killed on a sat night infront of his house the car hit him and he flew through the air and smashed into a parked car his body bounced
off of the car an continued to fly and his head crashed through a four by four
wooden basketball pole he was killed on contact. And the sorry S.O.B that did it
wasn't even man enough to stop and take responsibility. I BLAME MY SELF for that night for i was the one who went over to his house and got him to walk to the store with me that night I still feel that if a rain storm or something would have happened he would still be alive and well today.Jared im so sorry I miss you
and I love you my dear friend Jared my heart will burn forever in guilt.

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Mar 15, 2015
Would your friend want you to blame yourself? NEW
by: Jackie

I'm so sorry for your loss, I couldn't imagine your grief you have bare all these years. But holding yourself responsible for this very tragic and dreadful event that caused your friends life to be taken isn't yours. I'm was a child of an alcoholic(luckily he never hurt anyone), but speaking from personal experience(I was scared for years he would-he's passed). But your friend loved you and he wouldn't want you to blame yourself, the blame is on that driver, and if he is never catch then I hope he burns for eternity. Hon, I know you miss him and you feel like it's your fault, but your not honoring your friend by placing the blame and the guilt of his tragic passing on yourself. Forgive yourself as he would ask you too if he was there, live your life for yourself and for him and be happy for your life as well, love the people in your life. I hope this will help you move on and make peace,

Feb 12, 2011
It's not your fault
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. Blaming yourself will only keep hurting you. It's not your fault. It's the other guy's fault, the one who was driving drunk. You didn't know anything was going to happen to your friend that night. You didn't make the other guy drive drunk. He's the one that should feel guilty not you. You didn't do anything wrong.

Jul 18, 2010
I understand where you are coming from....
by: Missing Ryan

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. From what I have learned, blaming yourself only lets the drunk driver keep on hurting you. I blamed myself for a very long time because my cousin was killed by a drunk driver on his way to visit me. I talked him into coming to our house for the weekend to celebrate his birthday a week early (he was one of my best friends). The more I blamed myself the more depressed I got and the more useless I became. I eventually realized who's fault it really was; the drunk drivers'. I had absolutely no control over the situation.

There was literally nothing you could do. It wasn't your fault. it wasn't your fault the drunk driver decided to drink that night. it wasn't your fault he decided to drive down the road you were on. It was the fault of the drunk driver and only his alone. Please stop blaming yourself for the actions of an idiotic moron it will only hurt you in the end. It might hurt a little less, but not that much less.

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