My Everything, My Best Friedn, My betterhalf, My husband.

by Suzanne Harrick
(Norwalk, Ct)

Hello World,

I’ve been missing someone whom was my better half, please forgive me for speaking out loud but, I have something I need to say.

It was two years ago starting the morning of April 15, The last time I saw Tony alive, I’ll never forget that day, it was beautiful, that morning the birds were singing so loud, you wanted to open the window and say shhhhhh, the air smelled so fresh and clean, and the sun, as it rose, it felt like summer was surely around the corner. It was the day before Easter that year. What a day, a perfect day. The night turned cold and dark as the phone rang around 11:45pm, I was told to go to the hospital there had been an accident, I remember collapsing from the news, I was not told of my husbands injuries, just get to the hospital, I was too upset to drive so friends took me to where I needed to be. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by police and counselors and whisked away into a room where they told me to wait and a doctor would be in to talk to me. It wasn’t much longer maybe 45 minutes it seems like an eternity, a doctor finally some answers, where’s my husband, can we see him, how is, is he breathing, the doctor took my hand and said, my husbands injuries were to sever and he didn’t make it.The lump in my throat and the pit in my stomach, were just some of the emotions I felt at that moment…… The days and weeks that past are pretty much a blur to me…..My husband had been killed by a drunk driver, doing one of the things he loved most, riding his motorcycle and hanging with friends. This man that took my husbands life, 1 hour after the accident, blew a 2.7, he also didn’t feel he could handle jail time, so after he managed to get bonded out of jail, he fled, he ran away. This coward left me and our family, all our friends with no closure to this incredibly painful time in our lives. I wake up each morning feeling like I’m lost. I can’t think of a single thought without thinking about my better half, my husband, my best friend, my everything. I know my husband watches over me and one day I’ll see him again, but until then. I’m lost without him.

My Husband's Birthday was the week before his accident, he was 49.

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May 14, 2015
by: Mia

I am so sorry for the lose you had. And once again I have become speechless and is not able to tell you anything that would make you fine. People don’t think about how big should be the price they would have to pay for such small irresponsibility.

Aug 28, 2012
Im so much sorry dear
by: Anonymous

Im so sorry
Eish am speechless yo storie is vry sad, bt once again am vry mch sorry dear.

Aug 24, 2010
where are we now
by: Lucus

I found this site a few weeks ago. Since, I have read several stories. I was looking for information, looking for answers, and found some place to share. Your story strikes me like so many others here! I share the experience of loss of a loved one due to drunk driving. As difficult as this may sound......I am grateful to have found your story! What you and others have shared have helped me to remember that I am not alone. There are others like me.Who can relate to my feelings. I have survived the pain. I believe you can too!The birds still sing. There are many beautiful days ahead!Taking those beautiful days for granted doesn't honor the ones we love. Living well is the best revenge.Peace be with you amiga. Be well!

Apr 21, 2009
I'm Sorry
by: Anonymous

Hi i am so sorry for your lost i know exactly how you feel..i know how it is to love someone so much with all your heart and you think you wont find somebody else but yes you are right one of these days you will see your husband again but until the time is right for you to be with him just be strong fo yourself...they will get the guy one of these days...wat a man he was leaving you guys like that with no explantation thats just rude of him...but i am truly sorry....

Apr 11, 2009
im sorry
by: Anonymous

that is so sad. its so frustrating that your husband suffered from anothers stupid decision. my daughter was killed in an drunk driving accident. a driver was drunk and she got hit. i went to the hospital and she was alive. she was all bloody and half of her face was torn off. she told me that she was sorry. i told her that she had nothing to be sorry about. she said she did and that i could never forgive her. before i could ask what it was her eyes closed and she was dead.

to this day i hurt and i wonder what she did. im still hurting just as you are. i hope you do well

God bless you

Apr 11, 2009
im sorry
by: Anonymous

that is so sad. its so frusterating that your husband suffered from anothers stupid dission.

God bless you

Sep 08, 2008
Alcohol destroys
by: Anonymous

I know exactly how you feel------ But life goes on. And I know it is very hard to accept.
My Husband died 15 years ago do to alcohol ---not exactly the drunk driver buy alcohol just the same, he committed suicide. I mourned two years and said this is crazy. He is not coming back!!!!! But you are still alive and life goes on. When you can accept that it will be a bit easier. You might also go to counseling and talk about your grief---- It will help a great deal
to know that you are not alone and other people care.
I am completely in tears and I can’t write any more.
Except to say maybe your husband job was done and now you have to grow on your own.

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