My friend killed herself and another innocent person

by A Sad Friend
(Orange County, CA)

My boyfriend's roommate and I were friends. I was supposed to come over to my boyfriend's house that night but I was unusually tired and fell asleep on my couch. Reva went out and got drunk. She then drove onto the freeway going the wrong way. She slammed into another car killing herself and the driver of the other car. I had to clean out her room and ship her possessions to her heart-broken mother. Her body was shipped home in a hospital gown because her clothes were ripped off of her in the accident. The police told us the accident was so violent that the driver's seat was crushed and her body was thrown from the front seat into the back seat of the car. Reva was only 22, the person she killed was also in his early 20s. Please don't drink and drive.

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