my husband, my best friend

by Sharyn
(Chesapeake City, MD)

How do I start this. On Monday night November 4, 2003 i went to work as usual. I left the house at 9pm. My husband, Keith Ferguson, was laying on the sofa watching TV. He would sleep there alot when I wasn't home. About 3am my supervisor came to take me outside. I started laughing and stupidly asked if someone was waiting for me with a bubble on top. Little did I know. We walked out the back door and sure enough there he was. Keith had been killed while on the sofa! I really don't remember much after that. I lost it for about 2 weeks.
Seems a young girl decided to have "a few glasses of wine with dinner" She then proceded to go to her ex-boyfriends house where they ended up in an arguement. He threw her out. She left and, like a fool, called him on her cell phone. Supposedly she dropped it and while searching-ran a stop sign and came through our home. Her car was at least 6 feet inside. Keith was killed instantly. They say he never felt it. Who knows for sure.
Now-we live in a cozy home and thought we would be safe in it. In a small town, Chesapeake City, MD., who in the name of GOD could have ever seen this coming. The living room was in shambles. The whole front of the house was sitting it in. They found Keith in the dining room, a good, 40 feet from where he was. His body had already been taken to the examiners in Baltimore before I could get here. The list of injuries was a page long. It was unbelieveable. I went to see him at the funeral home when they got him back and what she did to him was horrific. From what I've been told I screamed for quite a long time. Nothing or nobody could get me calmed down.
He was one hell of a man. We have one son and two grandchildren. They were the love of his life. The girl that killed him took away so much from those kids. To this day whenever they get balloons they always send one to pop pop. I know he gets them all and is probably keeping them in a safe place.
Keith was and is the love of my life. We went to high school together. I miss him so much. Just today I was looking at the pics from that night. I could see his face with his eyes open. He looks like he's begging for help.
She got two and a half years in prison. That was a lot more than what the states attorney asked for. He, who is suppose to be on our side, only wanted 18 months in the county jail. Thank the good LORD the judge didn't listen
She never quit drinking and driving before the sentence and now that she's out she is at it again. Some never learn and others don't even try. I have yet to see any remorse. I don't see her but she lives and works here in Chesapeake. Parties alot at her job-a bar!!! I really don't know what I'd do if the time came where we were face to face. I know I won't just walk away.
What she did ripped his family to bits. His mom had to stay sedated for a few days. I refused any meds thinking I wanted to remember everything. Didn't work. His sister and I have become involved in MADD. I just wish I could say it works but everytime you turn around it's happening to someone else.
Anyway that's my story. I love my husband very much. And will always miss and need him. He is my baby and will be forever.

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Apr 05, 2011
My condolences...
by: Vanessa, Miami, Florida

I know there is not much that anyone can say or do to ease your pain, the only thing I could do is tell you what an inspiration yours and Keith's story is to others.

My husband used your story as an example for one of his best friends/sponsees.It hit home with him because one of his favorite lines is "What does it matter, I am not hurting anyone but myself." My husband is sober 10 years this December by the grace of God, and my father this year just met his 30th year of sobriety. My father is very well known in the AA community and he speaks all over. Hearing stories such as these really open my eyes to how lucky I am to have a sober father and partner. They could both still be out there active, killing others and hurting themselves. Not only did this young girl forever change the fabric of your family, she forever changed her life story and the life story of her parents and the life story of her future children. That is a shame she could never escape, and although she doesn't see it now eventually the veil will be lifted and hopefully she will use this tragedy to bring something positive to her life and the lives of others as my father and husband do now.

God bless.

Dec 30, 2009
In the safety of your home
by: Nikki

This story touched my heart. I'm so sorry that you lost your husband that way. Safe at home not even on those dangerous roads. Stay strong and good for you getting involved in MADD and trying to make a difference.

Jan 29, 2009
Im so sorry!!!
by: Krista Graves

Hey gurl im so sorry about your husband and your family i hope that one day your life is on the same track again so im sorry and i have to go but i hope that we do talk again some time soon.

Oct 21, 2008
i cried
by: Anonymous

this is so sad i would have been crushed just promise me that if you ever see this one heck of a drunkin devil make sure you kick her ass!

May 18, 2008
How Horrible
by: Anonymous

very very sad and horrible. Alcohol is a very nasty drug that most people just think is great. It is not it wrecks everything.!!!!

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