My life ended

by Shannon Morrison

Almost one year ago now my life ended. On June 29th a drunk driver killed my baby cousin, Kayla L. Hankins. She was on her way home after visiting her mother. Her baby son was in the car with her. I am sure she was singing to him (she always did) and making plans for the next day. Just a few days before we were talking and making plans for her future and she was excited to pick out clothes to go on interviews in. She was going to be a nurse and was looking for a more flexable job while she was in school. I left for a big camping trip that I was excited about and told her I would see her when I got back. Instead I got a call on my cell. I was in shock the hours it took to get back home were hell. I cried in reststops adn fastfood places in front of strangers who couldn't have know how badly mine and my family's life had been rocked. As bad as the trip home was actually arriving was worse. How could it be that my little KayKay was gone? Why wouldn't I get to see her big smile again. Just because some drunk decided to take a country drive. The next couple days were a blur. When I finally got to see here again for the last time, she didn't look like herself. There was a lot of damage. When they lowered her in the ground I wanted to go with her. How could I leave her there alone? My family has gone on. Her little boy is being raised by his grandmother. My family still gets together from time to time. Sundays used to be our day. I could never go too long without seeing her, but now I laugh just a little too loud at things to keep from crying while I am there or I make uncomfortable excesive small talk to fill the void. The driver not only took Kayla away from me but my entire family because it will never be the same. I will never be the same.

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