my mom and bf

it was 2/2/10 i was at home on my birthday and i asked my mom to go get my boyfriend so he can spend the day with me.and my mom being the amazing person she is said okay so it was about 7:30 when she left and he only lived 5 minutes away (driving) so about 1 hour passed and my mom still wasnt home so i called and called and called.... and no answer the the next morning i walked to my boyfriends house and noone was home so i called the cops and nothing about 2 hours later they called and asked me if i could come and see if i could identify teh bodys:/ well i asked my friend to give me a ride and when we got there he said breath so i did we walked in and a about 4 minutes later they called us i was shaking the untied a bag and it was my boyfriend and i fell in my bestfriends arms crying so hard i couldnt think at all it was the most horrible thing then they unsipped the other bag and it was her my mom! they told me all that happened and i was sooo terrified i lost the two most important people in my life

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