My precious 10 year old niece Da'Ja. (Salisbury NC January 18, 2013)

by Da'Jas Aunt

My ten year old niece recieved her wings on a Friday night January 18. Her mother went to a late New Years Eve party and had a lot to drink. For some reason she thought is was ok to drive. With her four children in the car, Da'Ja (10) Taliah (8) and her two twin boys (6) also she decided it was ok to give other people a ride home.The twins 10 year old friend. Vincent (45) his nephew Sean (25), and Sean's stepdaughter Karizma (4). All packed into a jeep. The three little boys were in the hatch of the jeep and were the only survivors. Everyone in the front of the car died. My niece, her mother, Karizma, and Vincent all died Friday. Taliah and Sean the next day. I've never experienced so many emotions in my life. One minute I'm happy and the next I'm angry. I have a hard time thinking of the twin boys and their 10 year old friend because of the situation. I can't wrap my mind around how a mother could be so stupid and careless. It's hard to know that we will never get justice. Three beautiful little girls are gone. It's a pain that I wish on no one. I feel so bad for Vincent and Sean's family. It's the reality that we are left to deal with the consequences of her actions. I miss my niece so bad, her smile, laugh, innocence. She will always have my heart. May they rest peacefully.

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