My Soulmate, best friend and boyfriend of 7 years was murdered by a drunk ******* on Nov. 28th 2009 at 2:30 am.

by Alexia
(Palm Springs, ca)

What is there to say? My future with Derek Short-Wilson (boyfriend of 7yrs) was stolen from me. He was the most kind-hearted, generous, trust-worthy, beautiful person. He was the kind of guy that always had a smile on his face, and he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. Derek and I had the kind of relationship that is very rare, we would occasionally spend the night at one of our friends houses, only for a night just to hang out with our "girls" or "boys". We lived together of 4 years, we have a maltese his name is "Rexx" who is like a child and loved eachother so much it is undescribeable, we were soul mates that were madly in love. He left at 6:30 pm Friday Nov. 27th to spend the night at his buddy Ernesto's house. They went out, went to a friends house hung out, had fun and left at 2:00 am to go back and go to sleep. For some reason we have yet to find out, Ernesto's car stalled. They both got out to push, and Derek yells, "Ernesto! Get in the Driver's seat and steer!" The door wasnt even closed, when Ernie got in the seat before they were hit by a drunk driver going 70mph, in a 40mph zone. This ******* hit Derek head on, he was pinned, legs crushed, his spinal cord smashed as well. He was gone, dead, never to been seen smiling or laughing again, I cannot kiss his lips, or hold his worst nightmare had come true. On Nov. 29th the doctors clinically diagnosed Derek "brain dead". He and I years ago had decided to become organ donors. They took everything of his, he saved 7 lives, (including Ernesto's). But yet I still do not care about anyone else...I WANT HIM BACK!!!! HE WAS STOLEN!!!! This ******* drunk driver took our future of getting married and having children away from me. I am hollow inside, when that driver killed Derek he took me with him. This Guy MUST PAY for what he did. There is no question, I could kill someone I am so angry. We have yet to find out what the verdict will be for the drunk driver for it was his first offense...he most likely will get 5 years. But we will see. Will keep you posted.

Alexia Lyons or better yet, Alexia Short-Wilson

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Jan 25, 2010
my sister was killed that day also by a drunk driver
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel I cant believe my sister was also killed by a drunk driver the same day but at 10:30pm. I tried to post something on her for her but I dont know if it went through. I have a page for her on myspace. Kristy Noel. my email is if you ever need anyone to talk to. My sister was not only killed by a drunk driver but wasnt able to get out of her car and burned to death.

Jan 06, 2010
Such a Tragedy
by: Penney

Your story so closely parallels my daughter's and son in law's (FOREVER 21) it rips me apart for you. We are approaching a year now since he was taken and the pain is still raw, it's a wound to the soul that just cannot heal and I know just exactly the gut wrenching turmoil you are in as I watched my daughter walk the same path. I will pray for strength for you and hope that while nothing can ever make this better that at least some degree of justice will be granted.

Jan 01, 2010
seven lives
by: debra

my boyfriend of four years died 6 months ago, similar reasons, it was devestating, i wanted a life with him and him only. Sadly i know how you feel, and its the worst thing that can happen, the pain doesnt go away, im sorry to tell you that, but i will pray for you, and maybe god made it your boyfriends purpose to save seven lives. Thats the best thing that you can do, he helped seven people to be able to live and hopefully find the same love that you had for him for themselves. I have a page if you would like to read mine. i wrote it right after it happened as well. if you would like to talk sometime, its nice to talk to ppl that you dont know about hard subjects, you can.

Dec 28, 2009
I understand your anger...
by: Suzanne

This is so new, just one month ago!!!...If I can tell you, you will go through a worldwind of emotions, and it never gets easier my friend, it just gets DIFFERENT...I'm sure and I'm sorry to say, you'll understand that word "DIFFERENT" as time goes on...I lost my husband 3 1/2 years ago....I'm still mad as hell...The man that killed my husband, fled the country!!! He couldn't handle jail time, so he ran away...Try to channel your anger into something productive...You'll figure it out...I'm so sorry for your loss!! It's a pain that too many of us feel....Our lives are FOREVER changed...

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