my uncle i never knew

by kalila vega
(davenport iowa U.S)

well my mom an everyone else told me this story an that my uncle was a very good person befor he became an alcoholic he had started A/A an he had become sober for a while i dont remember how long my mom had told me he was sober but he was into motorcycles he went out to go somewhere i dont know were but then on his way he was hit by a drunk driver an died after that i never got to meet him i never knew him at all i am 16 an i am sitting here trying to write my paper on drinking an driving an it brought me to this web site an i thought i would tell you my story on how i miss what i never knew my name is kalila vega i am 16 an i have no uncle now because of a drunk driver. i have to go now i have to write my paper
love an hope

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