My Uncle Was an innocent victim

by Jennifer Senig
(South Carolina)

One night the telephone rang and i was upstairs. I heard my mamma say "Hello. Yes this is Nancy. Oh My God... please don't tell me that. OK well thank you for letting me know." So i ran downstairs because i could here her crying. I asked her whats wrong and she said "Your Uncle Bobby was hit by a drunk driver." I couldn't believe it. The next day we found out all of the story. My Uncle had been at the bar down the street from his home. He decided not to drive home because he knew that his blood alcohol level was to high to drive. He was just around the corner from his house when a drunk driver hit him head on. My uncle died on impact from his leg bone going up through his heart. The driver realised what he had done and sped off. The next day we burried my uncle, which happened to be on Thankgiving day. Then after Thankgiving the police contacted us letting us know that they had caught the suspect. The case went to trial after some months and he was sentenced. The sad thing is that he was sentenced to only six months. When in actuality my uncle was sentenced to life. He was making responsible decisions to walk home and he was ultimately the one punished. Those few months spent in prison for the drunk driver will never make up for the life that he took making that one irresponsible decision. My uncle had 3 children, two little boys and one little girl. And that drunk driver took away those little childrens' daddy. This is why more people should be more responsible and stay off of the road when they've been drinking because not only can it ruin your life but the lives of others.

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