Nataly Mary Adams, Montello, 2006

This story might not be very different from other stories, you don't even have to read it.

In 2006 my little cousin Nataly and I played outside in front of her parents' house. We played soccer and other ball games. It was pretty rare that we got to see eachother because I lived in Italy and she in Montello.
My 8-year-old cousin had honey-colored hair and blue eyes. I was very jealous of her, just because she looked like that. I've brown hair and brown eyes. I can remember us arguing about who looked better.
Anyways, it was a beautiful day.
We were very happy. We smiled the whole time. Everything was fine.
Until I accidentally threw the ball too far away.
It landed on the street and Nataly wanted to get it.
It was at that very moment when I felt as if the whole world had slowed down.
My little cousin was standing on the street, holding the ball in her hands.
She turned round and faced me, still smiling, and I smiled back.
Then a car came from the right side. Her parents didn't notice it, they didn't even see the car hitting Nataly. I couldn't see her anymore, she wasn't at the place she had been standing before. I cried a lot and screamed her name. I knew she was dead, but I couldn't understand why it had to be her. She was only 1 year younger than me, but even though she had to die earlier.
I didn't even want to believe it.
Her parents ran to her body that was lying about 5 meters further left than the place Nataly was standing on before. I followed them, crying and screaming.
We all cried. We sat down next to her body. Her body didn't look the same as before. There was a lot of blood and her legs ad arms looked weird. I can remember me saying 'Please don't be dead, please stay here with us'.
We buried her one week later.

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