Nicholas Patrick (Nico) Landry 17 November 24,2011 Tracadie N.S Canada

by Laurie
(Truro N.S, Canada)

our little man!

our little man!

November 24, 2011 my Nephew Nico 17 years old and his best friend Kory 16 were killed by an impaired driver , Kory was killed on impact while Nico died later that evening in hospital from his injuries ...and thats when everything changed , from the moment I heard those words from the trauma doctor in a room given to our family to wait. 5 simple words would change the lives of so many ("we had to call it "), a feeling I pray I never have to feel again , a room full of all those I love , whom i had known and loved my whole life , my family BROKEN!! ,this is a very close family!, Nico is my Nephew , but is more like a little brother , he is my sisters son , a nephew, brother , son , uncle , grandson , cousin, so much to so many !!, taken just like that , by a guy under the infuence of drugs driving down the wrong side of the road on a clear afternoon , he has forever changed our lives , the sadness never goes away , , it's always there lurking below the surface , just waiting for the right moment to sneak back up.It feels as though A link in our chain was taken and the remainder of the links are weakened. He had so much life ahead of him , love , laughter , marriage , parenthood and all those other things that make life beautiful. So so unfair!. This guy was released on bail just today , yesterday marked 5 months to the day he took our boy away and now he can go home and be with his family and Nico and Kory never will...WHERE IS THE JUSTICE????????????

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Apr 05, 2015
god bless
by: broker

Oh god my heart has broken down into pieces. But this is life right. God creates and god will call them back when their time comes. Nico and Kory will be in heaven. Don’t feel like they are gone they are with you they love you so much. Please treasure their memories within your heart.

May 21, 2012
I'm sorry
by: Suzanne From Connecticut

I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm writting you because I was disturbed by the fact the man that was responsible made bail....PLEASE stay on top of this case as it goes forward...My husband was killed by a drunk driver on April 16, 2006, the man that killed my husband finally made bail after about the same amount of time, he appeared for the scheduled court dates, UNTIL it was time for the PLEA....Then the coward fled the country...Me and my family have no closure, the man that killed my 6'5 badass, bigger than life, my world, my rock of a husband, walked away!! got on a plane and never took responsible for what he did...I beg you to be vigalent with the prosicutors..make sure you and your family doesn't have to go through what I did...My story is on this website...I know the room, I hear the words, It was 5 words as well, "his injuries where too sever"..I looked at this doctor, as if to say, is that it, that's all you have to say...How cold, how unforgiving, how horrible...I don't envy doctors or policemen that have to give us those 5 words...In the same aspect, I think they could be a little more compassionate...This accident with your Nephew is fairly fresh, I have to tell you, it doesn't get better, it just changes..How could it ever get better, the person we love is gone, at the hands of a person that was irresponsible, and I might add 100 percent avoidable!!!! If they didn't drink and drive..the wave of emotions that you will feel is undiscripalbe and you will experience many different phasis of grief, this is different for everyone, but it's all the same if you know what I mean...I'm so sorry for your loss, May God Bless you and your family and give you all the love and strengh you need..

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