Nicole, a sister I never knew

by Anja

Ok. So my dad got a girl pregnant in highschool 30+ yrs ago. Their daughter was named Nicole.

In 1992-93 (im not sure wich yr, my dad doesnt like to talk about it) my sister went to a football game with her friends. Her boyfriend was playing the game. She was 16. On their way home her friends car was crashed into by a drunk driver.

Her nor her friend lived through it. He hit their car just right and hard enough that the inpact crushed the car, instantly collapsing Nicoles lungs, her friend was the one whos side the driver hit. Im not sure what all happened to her. Again dad doesnt like talking about it.

My older brother was 2 and my dad had just married my mom when Nicoles mother called him to tell him. They weren't very close when she died but my dad loved Nicole. He wanted to go to her funeral but her mother had decided instead of telling gim when it happened to tell him a week after her funeral.

Im now 19. My dads lived in fear if loseing another child since Nicole. She was my half sister and because a man thought it was a good idea to get smashed at a hoghschool football game, i never got to meet my sister.

The man? Hes still alive. He didnt get hurt at all from the crash. But he gets to live everyday of his life knowing hw killed 2 young girls that day because he was irresponsible.

Next time someone thinks its ok to drink and drive. They should read these first. Know what could happen once they get behind that wheel.

Good bye Nicole. I hope your at peace.

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