Nicole King

Well, I had a really good friend from basketball, and usually her sister came to practice. Her sisters name was Nicole King and she was only fourteen years old..... When basketball season was over, and a month or two had passed, I got a phone call from a basketball team mate, saying something happened, and to call her back. I watched the news, and found out Nicole King had died, and her siblings, got majorly hurt. One of them broke a collar bone and jaw bone, and the other one had facial and brain injuries and were both in the ICU for a while. The mother had a broken collar bone. But the guy that was drunk driving, is now back at Texas Tech, not in jail or anything. Alot of people are a emotional wreck from it. Nicole was very popular, never mean, and she was in so many activities.... she was a P.O.W.E.R role model, in ALOT of sports, and was a cheerleader, and many said they have never seen her without a smile on her face.... There is a fan page on facebook called R.I.P Nicole King, and there were 1,000 members on the first day... Many people write on the wall and post pictures, and her mother has been very emotional.... Drunk driving is the stupidest thing you can EVER do... Nicole was innocent. And here you see the drunk driver walking away with not one scratch or bruise on his body. And how could you live with knowing you killed such a great young girl like Nicole....?
All i ask, is for you to think a little, and not be stupid enough to get behind the wheel and travel down that road for a second cuz you'll regret it... im not kidding...

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