Nightmare maybe?!

(Belen N.M)

My mom, Step-Dad, Step-brother, and my little sister just dropped me and my other sister off at the movies. Then they were going down by where we have our horses and animals. They were in a Ford Extended cab and the drunk driver that hit head on was in a Dodge Dully. The drunk driver was a good friend and my Step-Dad(which was driving)realized it was his good buddy he thought that he would go back on the other side of the road(my family was on the right side and he was on the left side of the road). What was bad was my Step-dad couldn't swerve off the road because the road was very steep. So they hit head on destroying the Dodge and only damaging the front of the Ford. My mother was air lifted and everyone else went to the hospital in the ambualence. My mother suffured my a puncherd main vain to the heart(left side), broken a few of ribs, top and bottom jaw broken. She usualy has her seat belt on but not a that momment. My step-dad had a little cut on his head but he was able to carry everyone out of the truck. My little sister(6) can not walk:( she can'y feel from under her arm pits and down. My little brother(7) had 3 holes in his small intestent. Every one is doing GREAT. My mom has her jaws wired shut, sister in wheel chair and everyone else is fine. I think God did this to show how much we have and take for granted. He purposly kept me and my other sister(9) out of this so that we can take care of everyone. I am 14 and going into highschool and I am so glad that my family is there to be there for me. I love then to death! I don't know what I would do without them. I just hope my little sister gets to walk again because we are a very active family. we love fishing, camping, horses and just being with eachother. Just I plead that whom ever reads this prrays for us because we need it.

Worried Sister...

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May 28, 2010
thank you
by: Anonymous

You are a very brave young person. I hope your family heals inside and out. I will pray for you and thank you for sharing your story. I print stories out like this to show my 9 year old (i know he's a little young) but alcoholism runs on both sides of his family (thank god that gene skipped me) because i am doing everything i can to show him that in the future he has to be a responsible person and that one stupid action could cause so much damage. Thank you for helping me in that effort..i am in debt to you and others like you for sharing your stories so that i can try one person at a time to make a bette future.

Nov 25, 2009
so sorry
by: Anonymous

Hi thanks for sharing your story. I am so sorry your family was in this accident. I am thankful you and your sister wasn't in vehicle. I am going to pray that your little sister will walk again. God bless

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