No one will ever know...

by candy
(cedartown, ga)

No one will ever know the effect of losing someone close to them until it happens. My name is candy i am...i guess u could say chuckies(Charles W.Rutledge 32) sis-n-law, he was killed by a non-regretful & remorseless drunk driver on August 14th 2010 in Rockmart, Ga. I say non-regretful & remorseless because she til this day has not offered an apoligy to the family. When this tragic death happened she never stopped nor hit her breaks, she just kept going like he was nothing. Chuckie might have been alot of things & done alot of things others didnt agree with but he was always thinking of others. He was an intimidating looking guy with all those mucsles but i promise he was probally one of the most care giving individuals with the kindest most giving heart. Chuckie would give u the shirt off his back or do anything you ask of him in reason. Now that he has passed & gone to Heaven, its been really hard for his older brother to deal with life itself, period. His older sister is also having a very hard time coping with it, the only good thing that has come from this is......hell i cant think of anything so the next time any one wants to have one to many drinks or just one more & think they can drive or think they're not really too intoxicated to drive, why dont u just take a second look at your self & ask "Are u ready to know the effects of injuring or posibly taking some ones life & destroying the lives of the ones who care & love them?". I will never forget chuckie & i will do all i can to keep every one else from forgetting. R.I.P. I love u chuckie.

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