not an accident this was a crash

by Lori

oddly enough this is the very last picture taken of my baby girl

oddly enough this is the very last picture taken of my baby girl

Latisha Dawn Morgan 07-17-91 to 07-07-07 killed by a drunk driver with a bac of .24. Latisha was taken from this earth entirely to soon. Latisha was riding on the back of an atv. the driver had lived on this road for the last 10 years and was going speeds of up to 80 mph on his modified "off road" vehicle. When he failed to make the curve and hit a 3in embankment. Both the drunk and my precious daughter hit an electrical guide wire and slung 30 feet in the air. Killing both my precious baby girl and thankfully her killer. My life will never be the same.

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Sep 24, 2013
chasitys friend from school
by: ashleigh

Hi Lori. I am so sorry for yalls loss. I had no idea at all about sweet little tish. I was on my brothers facebook today looking up old friends and I looked chasity up and saw the angelversary for tish. All I could think about was that beautiful sweet little girl that I remembered. Words can't express the sorrow I feel for your family. I have six kids now and I could never imagine the pain of losing any of them. I will keep your family in my prayers every night.

Jun 09, 2010
you have been so strong!
by: Anonymous

hi i just finish reading your horrible story and i would like to say i'm sorry for what happened and i know that it been so hard to you and i know that sometimes you get to ask yourself that why you? and that's life it's so unfair, you hard goals and dreams about your daughter.

Apr 08, 2010
by: jessica

hey lori im so sorry i know its been forever and ages ago but we all miss tisha dearly she was a sweet young lady that didnt desereve her life to be taken im always here... well i g2g

May 05, 2009
best friends are 4ever
by: Heather

i miss latisha dearly...i was one of her best friends and i didn't know about this web site, i just decided to google tisha. the way we all feel is horrible..i still remember the nite i got the call..i thought jen said she was in the hospital...then i had her play it again, and she said she had died..and at that point i went and laid in bed, curled up in a little ball and died myself(sortof), i cried and cried..and just dreaded the next few days, and i remember asking why??, why her..why this beautiful gurl that meant so much to not only me, but to so many others..but i just thought i would maybe encourage ppl to not drink n drive. love you tisha, heather

Apr 30, 2009
reply to im sorry
by: grieving mother

Well, first shall I say thank you for reading up on my daughters story. If I have offended you with the words I speak then I would suggest that you not read what I write. I will not apologize for what I have posted or for the labels that I have chose to use. I do not feel as if the roles were reversed you would be coming at me with your own guilt. As for my daughter making a bad decision and it somehow or another being her fault for getting on the clearly are not aware of the full spectrum. The man that took her life was a grown man and was the responsible adult in the situation. Not to mention, when ppl like this man make a career out of drinking the intoxication is not as noticed as one who never drinks. I was so very hurt and angry with your words when I first read them and through all that for a moment I understood what your point was. Then I am quickly reminded, this is my daughter and I have to wake every moment with the expectation to see my daughter bouncing in the door any moment. As well I fall asleep every night with that disappoint that she will not ever be bouncing in my door again. Now, I tell the facts regarding Latisha's death so others may see the that reality is that it happens......If it were your would you feel? As for the family of the offender....... well this is another story. Yet again you clearly do not know the facts!!!!!! This was not the first time the offender drove drunk for he had priors that the family was all aware of! I do understand they lost their son, brother, uncle, and friend. But I WILL NOT hold my tongue on my feelings regarding this! Come walk five minutes in my shoes and listen to all the story and then maybe just maybe you will not feel so guided to come at me with your opinions the way you did!!!!!!

Apr 25, 2009
im sorry..but...
by: Anonymous

im sorry about your loss..i saw the video you moved me to tears...but at the same time it offends me when you say "thankfully her killer"...your daughter could have not gotten on the back of an atv with an obviously intoxicated individual..and i know you were grieving but to show his lifeless body in the video was in horrible taste..he had a family too..we as humans make some really poor choices and it seems that two poor choices were made that night..his and hers...i know she was the "victim" or whatever but no one needs to die that way..not him or her...think through your grief before you blast a dead man....his family might see your words and pics and they already have to deal with him being dead and him killing your daughter...i know this cause my brother killed two people and himself drinking and driving...

Mar 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I have read up on Latisha's passing and even been to the memorial website. I won't sit here and say that it will get easier, cause I lost my brother 15 years ago at age 13 and to this very day I still talk to him and hope he hears me. Latisha IS such a gorgeous girl and was taken much to soon from you all from alcohol. If someone dying from this does make people stop and think about it before they act on it, I don't know what will. I can only wish you, your husband, and your 2 wonderful boys the best. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Dec 11, 2008
im sorry
by: Anonymous

im sorry. she was a really pretty girl

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