by Anonymous
(Neosho Missouri)

This was Tisha

This was Tisha

My friend Latisha Dawn Morgan. She was funny, exciting, smart, and always a good friend. She loved her friends and family. Other than like any other teenage girl there was hard times but she always pulled through and kept her head up. One nite she went with some friends. They were drinki9ng and partying. one of her friends was riding a four wheeler. Tisha left that nite never thinking it would be her last nite.... but it was. I never will be able to look at her smile or hear her laugh. She died not because of her own fault really, but she was on a four wheeler. The guy driving was really drunk and they hit a telephone pole. He died instantly but some say tisha died in pain. Because off some stupid guy and being drunk tisha who was innocent and a friend, daughter, and much loved girlfriend died. DOnt drive drunk, dont even drink! I would never wish a loss of a loved one on noone and i hope this will prevent some. i have lossed many friends to drugs, alcohol, and even suicide. it hurts so much.

RIP: Latisha Dawn Morgan
Dillion Caleb Brooks
Clarissa Chantell Rash
Eric Lee Dudley
And Bethany.

Your all very much loved and missed!

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