Not only is my brother dead, my family is suffering in the worst way.

by Terry
(Chicago, IL, USA)

My younger brother, Anthony Kraus, was pronounced dead at 2:30 in the morning on September 2nd, 2007. The driver of the vehicle, his on again off again girlfriend and the mother of his child lay not to far from Tony's body. Visible intoxicated but still breathing she survived. She was the driver. Due to drinking and driving she killed my brother, the father of her son. She was going over 100 miles an hour on the high way and lost control of the car, throwing my brother from the vehicle. The landing ruptered his aorta, killing him instantly. She suffered many injuries and was unable to attend the funeral. this event has flipped my family upside down. The girl is now a single parent to my nephew and is facing criminal charges. our lives will never be the same and my younger brother who died at 23 will be forever missed. his son is growing up without his father. he has the memories that we costantly share with him. he misses his dad. it breaks my heart. the word down below to enter for the submition of this is cobalt, which is the type of car she was driving. Please help in letting others know the risks you take when driving drunk.

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Jun 09, 2011
Same Story
by: Anonymous

My story is almost the same as yours, only it was my sister who was killed when her boyfriend, doing 80mph overcorrected and hit a tree right where she was sitting. She was killed on impact, and I know she saw it coming. They have a son together, almost two years old. My mother and I are now taking care of him. He misses his mama and asks for her all the time. It's horrible!
She was my best friend in the world and I will never be the same, as I'm sure you won't either. I am so sorry for your loss and I just hope this gets better at some point.

Feb 19, 2009
i know the pain
by: kim petry

I am so sorry for your loss.. It still feels like yesterday huh?? I know my pain does. I live in Oswego Illinois and I lost my niece to a drunk driver on 02-11-07. The crash killed 5 teens. ( teens were packed in one car, you may have seen it on the news. I wish I know when the pain would go away, but I think its here to stay! I am so sorry for your loss

Jan 30, 2009
Im so sorry :(
by: Krista Graves

Well i dont know where to start at but all i know is that im terribley sorry for your loss and i so sorry to his son i hope that one it will get better and always know daddys looking down on you and guiding you to make good decisions.
well i have to go but i hope to talk to you again if possible.goodbye

Your Friend,
Krista Graves

May 19, 2008
I know the pain
by: Elizabeth Laukaitis

I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunatly 21 days after you lost your brother, I also lost my brother & father due to a drunk driver! The pain is horrible...I also had a survivor, but it was my mother. The drunk driver was not related to my family in any way...and I know how I feel towards him. So I can't imagine hating someone who my brother loved who is at blame for his death. I can't tell u that everything will be ok...because nothing will ever be the same again. But it's up to us to try and stop drunk driving because the goverment does'nt help and it's everyday normal family people like us that have to live on w/ broken hearts because someone had too much to drink & acted careless. My prayers go out to you and your family..but in your brother's behalf take care of your nephew because it takes one dumb move and life is gone. PROTECT HIM SWEETIE...

Apr 23, 2008
by: Karen G.

I lost my cousin in late August last year. Almost exactly the same time your brother's death. She was killed my a drunk driver while on her motorcyle. She died instantly too. Not only did the main hit her but he committed a hit and run. Luckily a witness saw what happened and got his license's plate number, and the cops were able to catch him while still intoxicated. Her death was all over the news. It was like a movie. I couldn't believe all of it was happening.

She died at 24. Her birthday was coming up in October.

This weekend (April 26th) her older brother will be getting married. It's not going to be the same without her. Nothing is the same w/o her.

I understand fully what you and your family is going through. You all will be in my prayers.

Just remember--you aren't alone.

Sincerely, Karen G.

Apr 17, 2008
had my brother stolen by drunk driver on my 35th b'day2006

I am so very sorry for the pain you and your family are going through... The death of a sibling is a very hard thing to understand, at least for me. I've been going through a very deep dark depression. It is still hard for me to this day. My brother david was 29 and had 2 kids. A li'l girl names Erika she is 9 now and a son named zachary who is 8. I have not been permitted to see them since july of 2006. My brothers wife took right up with a 18 year old boy and got hooked on pills and alcohol. She moved out of our little town and took the kids with her. she will not let us talk to them,see them, write them, nothing. It is real hard. Not to mention I lost my Grandmother who raised me on March 7th at 2:04 pm 2008... She was the most important women in my life, she was my rock. I hope time gets easier for you, for us it has gotten different not better yet. The driver did get 15 yrs 8 months. It still didn't bring back my brother, but at least the driver who has had his 4th duii can't hurt anyone else.... Good luck my friend.......

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