I have not lost anyone to drunk driving but have encountered photos of some deceased victims at work. They are very disturbing. Unfortunately, all the youths are exposed to are written comments, verbal testimonies, or photos of crashed cars. There is nothing to grab the teen's attention and make them think. I understand the photos of actual deceased victims are extremely disturbing and that the families may be emotionally distraught over the idea of their beloved victims photos being displayed to strangers but a picture is worth a thousand words and would work much better at getting the message across. If the victim's photos prevent even one more victim than both the victim and the family have made a difference. So... Families of victims, please think about this. Of course, the photos should not be posted on the internet because these pictures are much too disturbing to young children, but having MADD or another such group armed with these photos when they go into the schools may actually help.

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