OnDrEa Alvarez

by Amanda

Ondrea Alvarez <3

Ondrea Alvarez <3

Ondrea Alvarez <3
The car Drea was in. The drunk driver's side was hardly harmed, just a little crushed in the front, away from where he was sitting.

On March 2, 2008, my cousin Ondrea was coming home from a date with a new guy. They had been having a good time at Joe's Crab Shack. Well, we found out after the accident that a waiter there had served alcohol to no less than 7 minors. I will say first names, but no last names. Elias was driving Ondrea home, and he had been drinking. I don't know if she knew or not. He and another drunk man, Brian, engaged in street racing at speeds over 100 mph. Elias lost control of the car and it slammed into a concrete pole, and Ondrea's life was ended. I want to stop drunk driving for Ondrea, and anyone else who has died because of drunk driving or lost someone they loved like we did.

RIP Drea, I miss you and love you!!!

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Mar 30, 2013
thank you
by: Amanda Parks

Thank you so much for the kind wishes. <3

Mar 30, 2013
by: Susan

So sorry about Ondrea's death. I just saw her story on Judge Judy. May she R.I.P. Dena, sorry about your family's loss as well. May they both R.I.P. and may God be with both families.

Jul 18, 2012
Thank you
by: Amanda

Thank you so much, and I am so so sorry for your loss. It hurts so much to lose a loved one, especially at the hands of someone stupid and reckless. May God always be with your and your family <3

Mar 03, 2012
by: dena

A good friend of ours (2010)...Sam was 28yrs old the week of his wedding picked up his sister from the airport and took her to his parents left to return his lady's car and was killed by a drunk driver...it sad to me to see how beautiful OnDrEa was and full of life she needed to be in....and how many people it affects...820 people showed up for Paster Sam the day of his funeral...this guy got 3 months in jail and this was his 4th DUI..i.m sorry for your loss..may GODSPEED be with her.....

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