Our little brother

by Alana Clayton

My name is Alana Clayton, and Kathryn is my sister. She said it best...he was not only our brother, he was our sun that shined every day. September 21, 2008 replays is my head every day...its the worst nightmare imaginable. At 11:57 pm I got a txt from my sister, it said: answer your phone Charlie has been in an accident, he is being life flighted. My body went numb, I couldn't even call her back right away. When I did my mom answered, I will never forget the fear in her voice. She told me childrens mercy, I could hear the helicopter in the back ground. I raced to the hospital, running down the hall. I saw my parents standing in the parking lot right under the hospital sign. My dad was holding my mom, I cried out of he gonna be ok. My mom said no baby he's not, my dad said he's gone. I fell to the pavement, all I could do was scream. My older brother had to pick me up, my sister was sitting on the ground with her head down crying so hard she could barely breath. The time came for us to say good bye, I could barely see to walk into his room. There he was laying there with a tube in his mouth, and a tiny cut on his head. That is the last time I seen my brother. My family wakes up every day just to be sad, and hurt, feel nothing but pain. While she runs around laughing and having a good time, lovin life.... We sit and stare at his bedroom begging God for just one more day with him. I miss you so much Charlie... We all do. I love you with all my being. R.I.P. Chuck you are forever in our hearts, keep your nieces safe Bubba... You are our Guardian Angel

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