Our precious son Brian Robert Bishop D.O.B sept 7 2000 was killed at 5 yrs old when a drunk driver hit the family car in prince george b.c on oct 2 2005

by Tanya Bishop
(vancouver island british columbia canada)

Brian Rober Bishop

Brian Rober Bishop

Brian Rober Bishop
Our car after a drunk driver hit us
no one knew our 9 yr old was in here till we were all removed
we were in the news paper's for awhile

Brian was born on september the 7th 2000 I remember it as if it was yesterday were from newfoundland canada but owned a farm in osoyoos b.c I always wanted a big family and I was off to a good start I had 2 handsom boys and a super husbend who was a asome provider. we stayed on the farm till my sons were 9 yrs old and 5 yrs old then my husbend was offered a awsome job up in fort mac trucking driveing for money we couldn't resist. it was the answere's to our prayers .... so we packed up the family and we headed off for a new start in life... when we got their my husbend went in and met his new boss got his hr's all strighten up and we went looking for a hotel to our suprise their was tons of hotels but not one vacency ....... so i went and got a newpaper to see if i could find a apt to rent and once again no luck i was told that their was a houseing problem here and it would take up to 6 months to get a apt well i still wasn't ready to give up just yet so i decided were we had family a couple of hr's away me and the kids would go their and stay till we could figure something out . so that was the new plan on our way to prince george our car was acting funny my husbend a mancanic said that it was our motor and that we better pull over and call for help so we continue to drive down the road till we found a safe place to pull over my husbend got out and went to use the pay phone to call for a tow truck and for his cousin who lived not far away to come and get us ...... while he was useing the phone I unbuckled the 2 boys from their seat belts and laid them down on the back seat cause they were sleeping sitting up with their bels on and i knew we were going to be getting in another car cause our's was broke so until everyone caome i made them more confortable for them .... as soon as i turned around in my seat my husbend got back in the car and said honey help is on it's way .... then all i remember was a big BOOM sound .... I woke up god knows how long after with my head between my 2 feet pushed tight aginsted the carpet of the car floor ... I couldn't move nothing I could see the gas peddle and the brake peddle on the driver side through the crack on the floor I could hear my 9 yr old son screaming out for help i tried with all my might to get up and help but i couldn;t when i did finally get my head to move to one side i felt a warm feeling and i felt very sleepy .... the next time i woke i was in the hospital and i was told the most tragic new of my life ... I was told a drunk driver in a tuck hit us my 5 yr old son was killed my 9 yr old made it and so did my husband ... we spent almost a yr in the hospital we been through many surgerys we had to be re taught to eat walk write everything all over again .... the man who hit us got 12 years and walked away 18 months later with out a scratch 5th time being caught ..... his life has just begun with all the help from the government with special classes and our just came to and end ...... we struggle everyday trying to deal with the loss of brian ....the accident has ruined our lifes in so many ways it's not funny ....i'd like to thank you for letting me share my stories with you all I hope if we can stop one person from doing such a stupid senseless crime like this one we have accomplish something .... your truly Tanya Bishop

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Oct 01, 2011
Precious Child
by: Kristi

I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain your family has gone through, being that I am a parent myself. May God lay his healing hands on your hearts, and may someday let the driver understand what has been done and pay eternally. I am using your story in an essay that is meant to convince people to not drink and drive. May the readers of my essay take your poor child to heart and mind.

Aug 19, 2011
Such a beautiful child
by: Anonymous

My niece was killed at the age of 8 by a drunk driver who should have been the one to die not her. I am so sorry about your child. He is in Heaven with Hannah playing and dancing. God bless you.

Aug 17, 2011
Not a fair world.
by: Anonymous

My heart hurts for you. I am so sorry that you and your family had such a tragic loss. I cant even begin to imagine. I saw your sweet little angels face and had to read on. Your story has touched my heart and I will pass on your story to others so it will make others stop and think. I cant even imagine the emotion that you feel towards the driver. Every one has their opinion , but I know that there is a day were he will be judged. thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Jul 10, 2011
it's been almost 6 years the pain is just as real today as it was the day it happened
by: mommy

what a hard 5 years it'e been in so many way's . their's not a day we don't think about you. Richard still has nighmears about that night . I feel like I failed as a parent cause the man who killed you and left us handcap only got 18 months . In my planes i was the first one to leave I wanted to trade places and still do with you ... the pain i go through missing you is all i can take ... richard and dad is what keeps me strong and helps me pull through .... such a stuiped senceless crime that was committed and you were taken from us in a sec ... the man who hit us should of got life in jail but our system failed us .... in canada childmolester and drunks get set free to hurt the rest of the world and our innocent children while petty crimminals and drug dealers who sell to adults to feed their kids are locked away for years and years ... you know what this tells me our judges should be looked upon more strong i think they got more cod webs in their corners then most people in jail ... please dont ever drink and drive life is way to short the outcome is uncalled for when all you had to do was not get behine the wheel ... our system should be a eye for a eye .... Brian Bishops loveing mother r.i.p baby we miss you xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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