Parents hit by drunk driver

by Bekah

Let me start of by saying, my parents did survive this horrible car accident, the doctor told them they had about a 20% chance of survival, and luckily, they made it.

In the late morning of sept. 8 1989, a little after 1230AM, my parents were coming home from celebrating their anniversary, they had a daughter who has 9 months old, she was at my mom's parents house. My parents were on the freeway and a drunk driver hit them head on at 75mph. The drunk driver got out easy, and died right away. THEY WERE CRUSHED. the car started on fire, it blew up in flames. my dad was on fire, my mom was unconscious and broken. the paramedics got my dad out right away. however for my mom, it was much more difficult. the car basically collapsed on them, so my mom was squished between the seat and the roof of the car. after about 20 minutes, they got her out. she had over 30 broken bones. Mind you, they were both 28 at the time. They spent over a year and a half in the hospital and rehab. my dad had 3rd degree burns all ove rhis body and had to get numerous skin grafts, my mom was told she would never walk again, or have kids.

they overcame that, through their fath. luckily my mom can walk now. and she had one child after the crash, but had to give herself shots every day. however, because of the after affects of the crash, she needs her hip replaced, both her knees replaced, and both her ankles replaced. my mom and dad have been DENIED jobs becuase of their physical incapability to do certain tasks, which is not their fault, at all.

They almost died, if they had not lived i would not be here today. i would like everyone to know the dangers of drunk driving, and how even 20 years later, it still affects you every day of your life.

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Apr 19, 2010
sooooo sorry for youre familys pain
by: paula overstreet range,al.

thank god they are still here and god bless you child for speaking out. im very proud of you telling youre story. i lost 2 of my sons in 2 different accidents in less than 2 years apart, both alcohol related accidents. i wrote my story on here to, please read it if you like too. ok. i want you to reach out just like you are doing and god will bless you. thanks so much and ill say a prayer for your family and all others due to alcohol related soooooo sorry for all the pain your parents have been threw.. i want to give you a hug, so please right now take your hand and place it in your other hand-squeeze- and when you feel the tightness that is me hugging you right now..... love and huggs, god bless you sweetie. paula if you ever want to write me, feel free to do so... bye paula

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