Patsy R Jackson Lexington ,Oklahoma March 9,1990

by sonya Halitzka

Around 2:45pm I sat down with my mom in the bathroom at our job.There were chairs in there for the ladys to put on makeup,ect. My room left work at around 3 pm. She went to get her hair cut and colored. At approxemently 8:00pm she was on I-40 heading home. The man who killed her was on the other side of the highway. He had been drinking all day at a small bar.On the highway he lost control of his car went into the center median and was airborne for approxemently 120 feet before hitting the first trunk with a man and his boy in it.After hitting the truck his car proceeded to land on the top of my mothers car. There was a young couple behind my mother's car who tried to save her.When the Highway Patrol got to the scene of the accident the man who had hit my mom was out of his car. As he was being arrested he ask the Patrol Officer whats the matter did I hurt someone? The Officer told my family that he was so angry he wanted to punch the man who had just killed my mother. Thank God the man and boy suffered only minor injuries. My mothers murderer only spent 11 months in prison. Yep 11 months!!!! Today when I go buy a wreck I have PTSD. I do not know if my mother saw the car coming or not but I will not ride with anybody. I mean I have to drive.

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Dec 21, 2014
I miss her too!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I miss her too and think about her all the time.

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