Patsy R Jackson Lexington,Okla 03-09-1990 Still Miss You Mom

by Sonnie

It has been 22+ long years. It is almost Christmas of 2014.I cry for you often but I think about the good times we shared. All the grandbabies are grown. I wish you could be here. This is to all of those that wish to drink, even 1 drink can bring tragedy. Please drive a friend home, ask for a ride but do not think you can make it to your next stop! I had no idea that after seeing my mother off to go home that would be my last hug. You are more of a man to ask then to drive! You can drink and still enjoy yourselves only if you and those around you get home SAFE! Remember you have children, moms, dads, wife's who love and adore you. If the man who murdered my mom ever reads this I pray that your soul aches for what you stole from us.

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