Paul G. 17, Salem,Oregon

by Arihanna Salenaz-Guerrero

Paul was my cousin.

We did like everything together,we hung out all the time.
At times I wondered why he'd hang out with me all the time,since I was only 12. He was 17.
So for my 13th birthday Paul decided to take me to a concert, I don't remember which one now because it's been a while.
Anyway so after the concert was over Paul and I were heading back to McMinnville,Oregon, where I lived, well when we were in Salem turning at a light, a drunk driver ran the red light and hit Paul's side of the car.
I remember saying Paul, then the truck hit us.
The police were called, I remember seeing the flashing lights coming down the road, then I blacked out.
I was taken to the hospital. Paul died instantly at the scene,which I wasn't told until
I woke up in the hospital.
So that's Paul's story.

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May 26, 2011
So Sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry, dude.

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