Paul Villesca Garcia

by Joan Ann Villesca
(Ft. Stockton, Tx, USA)

It was october 22, 1981, we lost my sister-in-law and her best friend. Paula Villesca Garcia had only been married 8 months and she was just 21 yrs old and her best friend was 22 years old, Meli Ramos. Both had just left a junior varsity football game, just to leave shortly and be right back. They never returned back to finish watching her little brother play. They were both killed by a drunk driver, who had just taken off from a bar. They were hit from behind and my sister-in-law was killed instantly, her best friend died shortly at the hospital. He hit them so hard that the car went about 90 yards forwarded striking another car and he came back and hit them again. He never knew that he had hit Paula's car, there were no brake marks. This man only received a 5 years probation sentence, for two lives.
Two young beautiful lives were lost this day and it's been 27 years now and the pain is still felt. My children and the rest of, what would have been her nephews and nieces, never had a chance to meet their Aunt Paula. My mother-in-law gave up in life and died a few years later, the pain was just to unbearable. For all the ones that drink and drive, please don't, think about it first and let someone else take the wheel. You cause so much hurt and pain to the victim's family and loved ones. It can also cause hardship in your life as well.

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Apr 25, 2009
Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing a dificult story.

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