Penny Maillet and her daughter, Michelle. January 3, 1979. . Redding, Ca.

by Patti Ball
(Reno, Nv.)

Penny was my older sister. On Jan. 3rd 1979, she picked up her daughters from my home, after work. Michelle was 6 yrs old and more precious than words could describe. Dannielle was 2 and a half, when she was thrown out of the car and hit the curb 3 or 4 lanes away. She is the survivor of this tragedy. All three were thrown, upon impact, when a Drunk Driver ran two red lights and raced at 95 m.p.h. hitting Penny"s car as she began to accel after her light was green. To this day, our family cannot speak of her or Michelle without crying. Her husband returned that night from a hunting trip and waited for her to get off work. He offered to pick up the girls, but Penny said she would. I often wonder if I would have accepted her invitation to stay the night at her house, if things would have been different. My husband was also hunting and not due back for 2 days. I looked at my 1 and a half year old son,Zac, so peacefully sleeping, and politely said not tonight.

Her picture and Michelle"s picture will be on the memorial of DUI victims in November. Be it yesterday, or thirty years later, it never goes away. Patti Ball

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