Phillip G Ervin Gaffney SC 9?22?1993

The man that made my pain go away!

The man that made my pain go away!

Drunk Driver:::::::::::::

Hey, drunk driver tell me...

How does it feel 2 murder ur best friend

Drinking n driving?

1 beside 1 behind u

3 best friends not expecting the worst

Joking and laughing with such lively souls.


Ur drifting 2 far!

A motorcycle u hit.

U still did not stop!

Even as they both cried 4 u 2!

As u rounded the corner u lost control

Hitting several parked cars!

Throwing my Phillip my world out ur car!

A beautiful young lady held him as his life came to an end!

Hey drunk driver tell me...

Do you remember his face? I do!

Can u hear his voice? I can n do all the time!

How do u live knowing u killed our dreams?

At his funeral

U never showed!


I was not mad at u then, till I realized u never showed!

I never believed u meant 2 kill him!

Then n court I found out this was not ur 1st DWI!


You tore all of us apart

On Sept. 22, 1993!

For u stopped a beating heart!

The heart of the man that was my world!

He was 17 I 18 when he walked n!

U took him @ age 22!

Leaving me here 2 tell our babies Daddy can never come home!

5 beautiful yrs is all I had!

Everyone says Rhonda he did his time! What he got 18 months?

4 taking the life of a good man n ruining the life of several others!

1 The beautiful Young lady that held my Phillip will never b the same!

2 The 2 people on that motorcycle!

3 The young man that was n the back seat!


5 Phillip's parents, My Mom

6 Phillip's brother my brothers!

7 Our family n friends!

8 Ur family!

9 Me

10 Urself

U hurt my lil girl more than anyone! She still cries all these yrs later wanting her Daddy! She was 17 months old n all she knew! A Daddy's girl! He danced her 2 sleep n she slept on his chest almost every nite! He always played on her big slide wt her! Nothing I did helped! All my lil girls 1st he never got to c! Our grand kids!

U was his best friend! U took him from us! U never showed up at his funeral! U never even said u was sorry! U have never come 2 check on us all these yrs later!

Since writing this I have spoken wt the man that was driving some of the things I wrote would be different had he tried to talk to us after the death of his best friend!

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