Ricci Branca

by Shannon Walsh

We all ride bikes and in the summer time are always riding them into ocean city across the longport bridge. Until one night when all was changed, a man who was driving drunk ran over three bikers, three of my friends bobby, ryan, and ricci. Even though knowing he had hit them he continued driving, dragging Ricci over 50ft until running over him and going foward. Although Bobby and Ryan had broken bones after the accident it was a minor priority. Ricci is the one who would pay the ultimate price. He was in a coma for 5days until he was pronuced brain dead and never to recover. It was then that they pulled his life support and it was just a few hours before we had all planed to go visit him in the hospital, we had a meeting at the church to pray for him just a few days before. And we have built a skatepark in his memory and all others that have died while doing bmx. If only he hadnt drank and got behind the wheel Ricci would still be here, if only he had stopped after knowing he hit them Ricci would still be here. Please please i beg you don't drink and drive, make the right decision before its too late.

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