Richard Carpenter, Fulton. NY,,,no crash

I had been to the race track to watch my Thoroughbred horse run...and win! I took my trainer and stable hands out for dinner to celebrate. I drank a couple glasses of Merlot before and during dinner. While we were leaving one of the boys suggested a drink at the bar to salute P.Pirate, my victorious mare. I tried to decline, but the shots was bought and everybody and everybody waited for my toast. We toasted and drank. I was driving home when I started to feel the effects of that last drink. I pulled over, off the rural road, took the keys from the ignition, locked the doors and went to sleep. Within an hour a deputy sheriff was knocking on the window...awoke me, gave me a roadside test, had my vehicle towed, arrested and booked me on DUI charges. It was a huge expense in time and cash. The officers were disrespectful, and engaged in both psychological and physical torture. They lied on the report they submitted concerning the circumstances and the results of the roadside testing. These guys kept me from going to the bathroom for three hours regardless of my frequent pleas. One officer stated that if I refused the breath test, the walls would be covered with my blood from his taking my blood for testing.

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