R.I.P charles william rutledge

by brittany rutledge
(rockmart ga, usa)

Hi my name is brittany rutledge i have a wonderful brother named chucky or his real name is charles william rutledge we were very close. i was a sleep on august 14th and i received a call about 2:20am and it was a disturbing call and on the other line it was my mother and she said brittany i have some bad news and i said what is it mom? she said your brother was riding a bike and a drunk lady had hit him but he tried to dodge it but it hit him and caused massive head trauma and chest trauma and abdominal trauma. and i i could do is cry and it played over and over in my head it felt like i was in a dream and than i went to his funeral and it was so bad it didnt look like him but in my heart i knew it was him and i was stunned. but the police had told me that the lady was arrested and charged with dui hit and run vehicle homicide and driving less safe and i was glad but sad at the same time i was sad b/c my brother was gone but happy b/c they had arrested another drunk driver

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Apr 11, 2012
chuckie NEW
by: Anonymous

chuckie will always be remebered by my husband and i. he was a friend, and still is, in heaven

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