Rough Draft- Cody Matthew Vaughn (A short-story i wrote for my school, based on my brothers accident.)2/6/11

by Ashley Wells
(Uniontown, Kentucky, USA)

I am a 14 year old girl, names ashley. in this story, i am anna.

everything here is exactly what happened, in MY point of view.

Standing there on

her barefoot, on the burning hot concreate road, anabelle stands quiet frozen.

Unable to make a move. She didn’t know what to do. Wind blowing at 5 miles per

hour, birds chirping… While 2 vehicles are sitting about 100 feet infront of her,

one crushed, the other destroyed. Her heart’s beating at 20 miles per hour,

she’s afraid. Afraid that she may be an only child now. As she stands there
looking at the destroyed vehicles she mumbles to her self

“What if it’s him?”

“How do I deal with

“ I’ve never dealt
with this before.”

She new that she was

new to all this. That she had really never lost anyone, besides her papa, at

age 9, but she was too young for any real emotion. Looking down at her fealthy

dusty feet, with unpainted toe nails tears began to fall from her hazel colored
eyes, that sparkled.

Minute by minute,

officers would pass her without saying a word. She new that someone was dead.

Either her brother, her brothers passenger, the Trucks driver, or the Trucks
Passanger, together there was 4 people involved in this tragicedy.

After an hour of

standing there axiestnly to know who is the dead one is, a coroner drove by,

and that’s when her mother tina, lost it. Tina fell to the ground with gravel ruining
her perfect blue jeans, and scrapping her knee’s. she screamed and screamed..

“Please let it not
be him!”

Hour after hour, a

man finally came up to the family of Tina, Anabelle, Cody, Joey, And kaylee. He

confirmed that it was Cody Matthew Martin who had Died, Tina’s Son. Joey’s Son.
Anabelle’s Brother. Kaylee’s Husband to be.

Tina screams once

more, with more pain crushing at her heart. As if she had no heart left


“Why me”

“Why does this keep

“What did I do to
deserve this?”

She repeated this

nearly 20 times that day. Helicopters began to fly over, there was about 3

helicopters. they lightlifted the 3 survivors, and put Cody into the Coronoer

and drove off. By the time people began to leave it had been night time, and

the wind was picking up. Anabelle, Tina, Joey and Kaylee Walked to Anabelle’s

Grandma’s house to relax. Anabelle sat on the blue itchy carpet staring off
into space not knowing what to do.

A couple days later,

was the more difficult part. Living straight across the street from his torn up
home, from his tall grass, and large yard was the most difficult for everyone.

Now was time. The

time to See the body. The time to say goodbye. But is it really saying goodbye?

Honestly? How can you say goodbye to something that isn’t there anymore anyways?
You can only say goodbye, when they are there and they can reply.

1 by 1 each family

member, went to the body of Cody Matthew Martin and left some flowers.Anabelle

wouldn’t go up there at first. It took her about 40 minutes before she would go

up there. Once she did, she slid a note to her lovely brother that said that

she loved him even though they fought. She couldn’t stay up there very long,

she oculdn’t stand there staring at something that’s not even there anymore.

She couldn’t stand it, there was even an odd smell that she believed was the
smell of a rotten body. This made her even more angry and even more Sad.

“How could a drunk
driver do this?”


“I hope you get wat
you deserve”

These word’s were

said and thought, of the drunk driver who murdered her brother. Anabelle also
kept thinking about the future.

“How will I live
without a fight every once in a while?”

“how can I live
without a sibling?”

“How do I do this?”

“What do I do?”

“ I don’t want to be
an only child.”

Now it was time for

the funeral, the final ending. The time where he is buried. And never seen

again. Anabelle and her family had a difficult time with this watching them put
the body into that grave, that was dug. And covering it up with dirt.

Now the tombstone.

“Should we make it

“Should we make it

It took the family a

couple days to figure out what they wanted. But they all agreed on a black
beautiful tombstone with his picture on it.

7 months later the

murderer finally was arrested. This put the family at ease, but not completely.

The family is still having trouble. And will not be at ease until he is in jail

Anabelle arrives
home from school and talks to her mother.

“Hey Mother..”

Her mother Tina
replied “Can we talk Anna?”

“Yeah..?” Anna
Replied back.

“We’re gonna be
putting up a dui Board”


“So we can save
lives. And stop the stupid drunk driving”

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