Ryan J. Turner, April 5, 2009

by Kara Sheaffer

His name was Ryan Jacob Turner. He was 16 years old and on his way home from work. It was about midnight on a dark and foggy friday night. He was on a windy back road. Going around the final turn before he got to his house, about a mile up the road, he was struck by a drunk driver. He was in a coma for nine days and then his heart gave up and he passed away April 14,2009. He was my best friend. So young. His girlfriend, Alexis...pregnant when he was killed. Their son is now two years old & the sitting image of Ryan. We all miss him like crazy. HE WAS WAY TOO YOUNG! He had his whole life ahead of him when it was taken away because of someone's stupid mistake! His son never got the chance to meet his father because of this mistake. You dont wanna be the mistake who takes a life, who takes aways someone's son, or best friend. Ryan's brother? Yeah they used to play baseball every day together.. he hasn't touched his baseball glove since his brother was killed. His parents? got a divorce because his mother couldnt take the pain pf losing him and let her self go.. ALL BECAUSE SOMEONE DECIDED TO GET BEHIND THE WHEEL DRUNK THAT NIGHT..think before you act..please.


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